Honda CBR 600RR & 1000RR Track Special

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Modifications to the CBR600 include the fitment of new fork springs and shock absorbers and a racing exhaust, and removal of anything that doesn’t help make the bike go faster. The Fireblade gets a close-ratio gearbox, a more robust, higher-revving Engine: with new cams and valves, fully adjustable high-spec suspension, an HRC clutch kit and, of course, a lap timer. The ride height at the rear is adjustable, and in order to keep the Weight: down, Honda have even ditched the catalytic converter, since these bikes are only meant for track use.
These track-special Fireblades and CBR600RRs are apparently meant for racing teams as well as individuals who do not use their bikes outside of the racetrack. No word yet on whether these track-specials will be made available outside Japan

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