Wakan 1640

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Make ModelWakan 1640
Year: 2006
Engine: Air cooled, four stroke, 45°V-twin. OHV, 4 can pushrod.
Capacity: 1640
Bore x Stroke:
Compression Ratio: 10.3:1
Induction: Single 42mm Keihin FCR flatside downdraft
Ignition / Starting: CDI / electric
Max Power: 115PS @ 6250 rpm
Max Torque: – / electric
Transmission / Drive: 5 Speed / belt
Frame: TIG welded chrome-moly steal tubular backbone Frame: with integrated oil tank.
Front Suspension: 46mm Cariani Italy inverted fully adjustable forks
Rear Suspension: Extruded aluminum swinging arm with Sachs shocks
Front Brakes: Single 340mm disc 6 piston caliper
Rear Brakes: Single 220mm disc 2 piston caliper
Front Tire: : 120/70 ZR17
Rear Tire: : 180/55 ZR17
Seat Height790 mm
Dry-Weight: 177kg
Fuel Capacity: 13 Litres
ReviewWAKAN Motorcycles – Homepage / Motorbox

A new motorcycle company from France? It looks that way and their first bike is pretty sweet. Wakan Motorcycles has produced the Wakan 1640, a single seat, V-Twin powered sport bike built around the AC Cobra idea of dropping a big American powerplant into a sporty European Frame: .

Joel Domergue, the man behind Scorpa, a company known for some excellent trials motorcycles, and an expert trials rider himself, figured it was time to sell the company which left him with some cash in his pocket and ideas in his head. Actually, those ideas had been floating around for Year: s but, busy with Scorpa, he didn’t have the time to do anything with them. Now, with free time and a bit of capital, he went to work.

The Wakan 1640 starts with a single spine oil carrying Frame: , a 54 inch wheelbase, with inverted Ceriani forks mounted at 22 degrees. Power comes from a 100 cubic inch S&S V-Twin producing 115hp and 115 foot pounds of torque and those horses are moving a motorcycle that weighs only 390 pounds with oil, no fuel. The Engine: sports a single Keihin flatslide carb that gets ram air through a blower type scoop situated above the airbox cover. The fuel tank is below the seat, molded to double as a sort of rear mudguard with the filler mounted on the tailsection.

The Engine: has been dynamically balanced to reduce vibration plus the bar end Weight: s help and the result is a much smoother bike than you might expect.

Braking chores go to a single 340mm front disc with a six piston caliper, which first road tester, Alan Cathcart, calls, “OK” but which might need to be tweaked a bit for serious stopping power. Cathcart also says the handling is similar to the Buell Firebolt XB12R but performance from the S&S V-Twin is definitely a step up.

The first 15 bikes are scheduled to be produced by October for €28,000 ($35,000),but as production ramps up the price is expected to fall quite a bit. The next 100 bikes for 2007 will retain the Keihin carb but afterwards, fuel injection will be necessary to meet Euro 3 emissions requirements in 2008.

This is no prototype bike, it’s ready for production now and pre orders are already trickling in. They’ve kept the bike totally under wraps during the three Year: development time and these first stories show a complete bike.


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