Yamaha V-Max

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Make ModelYamaha V-Max
Year: 2009
Engine: Liquid cooled, four stroke, V-four, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.
Capacity: 1679
Bore x Stroke: 90 x 66 mm
Compression Ratio: 11.3:1
Induction: Fuel Injection
Ignition / Starting: TCI / electric
Max Power: 147.2KW 200 hp @ 9000 rpm
Max Torque: 166.8 Nm 17.0 kg-m @ 6500 rpm
Transmission / Drive: 5 Speed / shaft
Gear ratio-1st gear: 2.375 2nd gear: 1.810 3rd gear: 1.400 4th gear: 1.115 5th gear: 0.935
ClutchWet, multiple-disc diaphragm spring
Frame: Aluminium, Diamond-shaped
Front Suspension: 52mm Telescopic forks, 120mm wheel travel
Rear Suspension: Swingarm Link-type suspension, 110mm wheel travel
Front Brakes: 2x 320mm discs
Rear Brakes: Single 280mm disc
Front Tire: : 120/70 R18
Rear Tire: : 120/70 R18
Seat Height775 mm
Wet-Weight: 310 kg
Fuel Capacity: 15 Litres / Motomag

New exclusive VMAX: Power, acceleration and adrenaline.
Yamaha’s all-new exclusive VMAX offers 21st century Engine: and chassis technology delivering awesome power, an unrivalled acceleration feeling and the ultimate adrenaline rush. The new VMAX is a showcase for some of Yamaha’s cutting-edge Engine: and chassis technology – from the YCC-I and YCC-T Engine: control systems through to the aluminium Frame: and the radial-mounted 6-piston Front Brakes: , all good for providing 200 PS and 167 Nm of torque.

Back in the ’80s the big V8 muscle car was the undisputed boss on the strip in the USA, and in both the car and the bike drag race scene, the large-Capacity: Engine: was king. A quarter of a century ago, cubic Capacity: ruled – and Yamaha captured the true spirit of the time with the introduction of the awesome VMAX in 1985. With its massive 1,198cc V4, 4-stroke, 4-valve DOHC Engine: kicking out 140PS, this radically-styled muscle bike became an instant legend which established itself as the definitive cult-bike. With around 100,000 units sold during its production run that spanned two decades, the original VMAX made history by being included in the Guggenheim Museum’s ‘Art of the Motorcycle’ exhibition while still in production. There has never been anything to beat it…until now.

For 2009 Yamaha introduce the new VMAX which offers the very latest in advanced design and technology for an awesome acceleration feeling, combined with bodywork and styling that respects and enhances the iconic image of the original model. With its all new Engine: and chassis, the high-tech VMAX is ready to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of adrenaline addicts, and at the same time inspire the many thousands of loyal owners who made the original model such a huge worldwide success.

New VMAX. Acceleration never felt so good!
The VMAX development team identified a series of goals in order to create a worthy successor to the legendary original model. The four main goals that the team set out to achieve were:
Awesome acceleration feeling together with strong performance
Distinctive, precise and sharp handling
A sophisticated chassis with unique bodywork
Compliant to EU3 regulations
With these main aims in mind, the development team have developed an all-new powerful state-of-the-art 1,679cc V4 Engine: which features Yamaha’s G.E.N.I.C.H. electronic Engine: control technology such as YCC-I and YCC-T; an all-new low-profile diamond-type Frame: manufactured from cast and extruded aluminium which uses the Engine: as stressed member, and developed to deliver the right balance of rigidity for excellent straight line stability with sharp and precise levels of cornering; and a head-turning and forceful design that is best described as being “Engine: maximal, body minimal”, that is designed to focus the viewer’s attention on the muscular V4 Engine: . The new Engine: satisfies EU3 regulations with the use of fuel injection as well as a 3-way catalyser and exhaust O2 sensor.

With all this brute Engine: force, together with the most advanced Engine: and Frame: technology, as well as radically styled bodywork, the new VMAX delivers an unforgettable combination of innovation and acceleration.

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