Honda VF 750C Super Magna V45

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Make ModelHonda VF 750C Super Magna V45
Year: 1988
Engine: Liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°V-four cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve per cylinder.
Capacity: 748
Bore x Stroke: 70 x 48.6 mm
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Induction: 4x Keihin 32mm carbs.
Ignition / Starting: CDI / electric
Max Power: 79 hp 57.6 kW @ 9500 rpm
Max Torque: 66 Nm @ 7500 rpm
Transmission / Drive: 6 Speed / shaft
Front Suspension: 39mm Air assisted forks, 4-way anti-dive adjustable. 120mm wheel travel.
Rear Suspension: Dual shocks, spring preload adjustable, 99mm wheel travel.
Front Brakes: 2x discs
Rear Brakes: Drum
Front Tire: : 110/90 -18
Rear Tire: : 130/90 -16
Dry-Weight: 228 kg
Fuel Capacity: 13 Litres / / / Motormag

When I approached this motorcycle, I new that I wasn’t going to encounter the ordinary cruising experience and I certainly didn’t. The bike is absolutely fabulous and I am not exaggerating. Around town it rewards those willing to stir the five-speed gearbox, which is nicely staged and shifts positively. However, even those who hate changing gears will appreciate the smooth gearbox when they are scooting ahead of traffic. I especially like it because, being a cruiser, it gives the impression that it’s going to slow you down and it does the exact opposite so you won’t be able to follow it for more than 13 seconds until it will become “that small dot” in front of you. But to become a small dot you need to make some fast launches and this requires plenty of rpm and a trained clutch hand. Fortunately, the Magna clutch is able to tolerate extended slipping off the line and its chain final drive does its purpose.

The element that makes this bike so great is the Engine: and although the 90 degree V4 has some narrow ranges it is smooth at normal speeds and even at high rpm. The thing is that it can get to really high rpm and that is when you start thinking at what are you riding and if you should let it breathe for a while but your second thought will be (mine sure was): “let’s see if it can do more!” and it can.

The riding position is being improved by the slightly low, forward handlebars and the wide saddle. Suspensions also proved very efficient, making the bike a real friend of long journeys.

You can feel that middleWeight: stature in the Magna’s handling, however. The steering is light and precise and it has a better response than what is found on V-twins.

I’ve also ridden the V-max and although it is much powerful than the Magna, the Engine: is tuned for pure acceleration and you always find yourself pushing it to the max or pulling the brakes strongly and I don’t call that cruising.
I believe that by reading this article you have drawn your own conclusions and if you are still not convinced, I invite you to check this bike’s specs with a single thing on your mind: is it a cruiser?

Honda designed the VF750C Magna as the ultimate cruiser by taking the basic concept of a cruiser and mounting a big, sporty Engine: . The bike ended up being very comfortable, powerful and stylish and it gave birth to an entire new concept of motorcycle, the power cruiser.

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